UE Global Friends & Families

The UE Global Friends & Families Program, coordinated by the Office of 文化参与和国际服务 at mg游戏中心app官网, matches families with international students for intercultural communication and understanding for all involved. 国际 students spend long periods of time away from their homes and families, and the Global Friends & Families Program is designed to provide them with an additional support system in which they can also experience another facet of American culture.

据估计,大约75%的国际学生在访问美国时从未进入美国家庭住宅。参与很容易 - 邀请学生进入您的日常生活。学生希望通过桌子周围的饭,您孩子的足球比赛的立场来体验真正的美国文化,或者只是一杯咖啡的谈话。此外,我们将为您提供沿途的想法。

The Global Friends & Families Program is not a home-stay program, and matches will vary in length due to differing academic programs offered for international students. If this is something that interests you and your family, please fill out a 家庭兴趣形式。这是一个很好的方式来扩展一些Hoosier的款待,同时学习一些关于我们的惊人,全球社区。您可以通过电子邮件发送给任何问题 国际student@evansville.edu.